RayooTech Green Policy

Global warming poses an unprecedented threat to our living environment. Therefore, RayooTech will effectively control greenhouse gas emissions, strive to reduce its impact on the environment, and contribute to the improvement of ecological efficiency and environment in countries and cities covered by its business.

Strategies and actions

RayooTech always integrates green environmental protection into the company's daily operation, adheres to the concept of "green, energy saving and environmental protection", continues to save energy, reduce consumption and optimize operation, and is devoted to achieving the goal of global climate of 1.5 ° C  and reduce 50 % of the total greenhouse gas emissions by 2030:

 • Adopt virtualization technology, data optimization technology, redundant data deletion technology, software scheduling and management technology to improve the utilization rate of IT equipment;

 • Purchase equipment with high energy efficiency;

 • Environmentally friendly use of electrical appliances to avoid unconscious power waste;

 • Use video conferencing instead of unnecessary business travel;

 • Use remote training instead of unnecessary on-site training;

 • Give priority to the purchase of equipment made of recyclable and renewable materials;

 • Advocate electronic documents and paperless office, make maximum use of paper and save paper;

• Publicize and train the company's environmental protection policies throughout the company to make our employees fully aware of the harm of global warming and encourage employees to develop good habits to protect our human living environment and achieve the goal of 1.5 ° C global climate.