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Rayootech won the honor of "the most influential enterprise in China's software industry in 2018"

China's software industry's most authoritative landmark event China Software Industry Annual Conference was held in Beijing. Hosted by the China Software Industry Association, this annual conference is based on the theme of “the era of software definition”. It aims to explore the new era to promote the high-quality development of software, and continue to promote software innovation and application.

Rayootech was invited to attend and was awarded the “Most Influential Enterprise in China's Software Industry in 2018”. Rayootech Insurance WeChat Mall Platform V1.0 was awarded “Excellent Solution for China's Software Industry in 2018”.

The award-winning Rayootech Insurance WeChat Mall is designed and developed for insurance companies, insurance agents, insurance brokers, third-party insurance websites and other customers, making it easy for insurance companies to use existing mobile social platforms for promotion and sales. Compatible with the trend of upgrading to the mobile Internet industry, it also enhances the consumer's buying experience.

In recent years, Rayootech has been actively responding to the technology wave and implemented relevant technical solutions in the fields of mobile internet, social e-commerce, cloud computing, blockchain, and big data. Rayootech has helped customers achieve business upgrades and model transformations. We are committed to providing high-quality personalized IT services to our customers around the world, maximizing our customers' value creation and achieving win-win cooperation with our customers.