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B2B component of Rayootech customized e-commerce platform was released

Rayootech customized electronic business platform B2B components have been officially released recently, the component is based on the supply chain of Internet as the concept of an online transaction + Finance + logistics as the main function of the trade between the enterprise and the supply chain integrated service platform.

At present, in the context of the overall slowdown in economic development, it is an important opportunity for the development of B2B e-commerce to promote supply-side reform. Along with the mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data and the continuous improvement of the logistics technology, it is conceivable that "Internet + traditional industry" will grow rapidly in the field of B2B electrical contractor. And China's B2B industry is on the rise, and it's now in its 3.0. In the 1.0 era, B2B focused primarily on information display,transfering offline information to the line, the site profits by franchise fee and Information promotion service fee. In the 2.0 era, there are more and more enterprises begin to join the deals, match supply and demand information and online transactions through system or manual matching, Implement the closed loop of transactions. To 3.0, with the development of cloud computing and big data, B2B e-commerce will open the supply chain, to provide a range of services including warehousing, financial credit, etc . The design idea of the B2B component of Rayootech customized e-commerce platform is perfectly suited to this development concept. By the component, B2B electronic business enterprises in the provision of basic transaction service can also be docking with the enterprise information system, serve the supply chain of upstream and downstream services of the enterprise, so as to reduce the cost of the entire supply chain and improve supply chain efficiency, and on this basis, provide a rich value-added services. This is hard for a single company, and that's what the B2B platform is worth.

Currently, Rayootech customized electronic business platform B2B components has been applied in many famous B2B e-commerce sites, including China Railway Luban business network, sea intelligence online, WanJing New Energy mall and V electromechanical, etc. China Railway Luban business network is built by China railway CO., LTD., which is authorized by China railway CO., LTD,is a centralized purchasing platform of "materials, machinery, subcontract services, office supplies". The website combines the same kind of construction enterprises, sharing suppliers' resources, channels, logistics center network, realizing purchasing requirements jointly issue. V electromechanical is a global purchasing platform for hardware and electronic machinery, which is providing the hardware and electronic machinery purchasing professional service for large and medium-sized enterprises, businesses and government procurement, through the integration of the global hardware and electronic industry chain resources.

At present, most enterprises in the country do not really enter the stage of enterprise e-commerce, to realize the whole process of online transactions through Internet information service. E-commerce of small and medium-sized enterprises still has great development space, the B2B market continues to be positive. But for that reason, competition is heating up. How to stand out from the crowd? The research suggests that the complete B2B e- commerce ecosystem includes information flows, logistics and capital flows. After the integration of various management systems within small and medium enterprises, the synergy between enterprises is crucial, realize the docking with the e-commerce data. In B2B e-commerce present and foreseeable future, B2B enterprise competition is no longer a platform of information, but the ability of e-commerce as an ecosystem to provide comprehensive services. At this point, Rayootech customized electronic business platform B2B components can help e-commerce companies compete quickly in the marketplace, and let the enterprise focus on its core strength to make it stronger.