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Rayootech has became China’s Software Industry Association VP of the Seventh Unit.

In Beijing on December 22, 2016 at the China software industry association member of congress and the seventh for the seventh time of the board meeting, Beijing Rayootech co., LTD become soft association, vice President of units, CEO and President Mr Shao Kai again elected vice President of the Chinese soft association.

The meeting shall be presided over by Wang Hongtian, vice director of the 6th council, ministry of information and software services company Xie Shaofeng secretary to attend the meeting and made important speeches. Member representatives of more than 200 people attend the meeting, the meeting examined and approved the 6th council of China's soft association work report and the articles of association of 《China software industry association amendments and soft association》.

China software industry association, founded in 1984 on September 6, on behalf of the Chinese software industry and with national level of professionally qualified industry group and the first batch of the ministry of civil affairs that has awarded AAA industry association. So far the association has total of nearly 1000 member units and more than 3000 branches. Member unit is given priority to the general software enterprises, and the most top enterprises are from China software industry association. Also includes research institutions, colleges and universities.