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High Quality Services


Our transparent approach allows you to have online access to the QA system and track thea quality status of the project throughout the software development cycle. RayooTech (formerly UFIDA Software Engineering Co., Ltd.) has a closely-knit QA Department comprising of many engineers that function independently of the development teams. There are documented procedures defined by the QA Department in place, these processes are strictly adhered to at all times. The Quality Assurance process has been modeled on the CMM Level 5 guidelines for allowing continuous improvement of processes and delivery of defect free so-ftware.


Global Delivery Ability


Endowed with years' experience of software development, innovative technology and management experience of large-scale product development, RayooTech has made breakthroughs in high-end offshore software outsourcing service market within the past 4 years' develop-ment with the aim of high-end service providing.


To meet the newly arising needs of our global customers, RayooTech brought into effect the a new practice based on its successful experience the Global Delivery Model, which can assist deliver the best of IT service of RayooTech.


Perfect Information Security Protection


The vision of our security work is:" Ensure the security of your information, Maximize the value of your business".


RayooTech builds a completed information Security management system (ISMS) as a powerful support to provide excellent services to our customers. ISMS is based on ISO27001 and general worldwide industry standard, and implemented as a part of the company management system. It works for ensuring the security, integrality and usability of critical information asset of our customer.


Project Management Expertise (CMMI5)


RayooTech is led by highly qualified and experienced technocrats who bring with them several years of experience in the field of business consulting, software design and development. The promoters have extensive experience working both in China and abroad.


RayooTech Co. Ltd. has been establishing a project management system based on the CMMI concept through years' software development experience, the management system devotes itself to meet the customer's requirements by the successful project delivery. To solve the customers' problems, to provide services and then to the benefit the customs are the concept arts of RayooTech.


Competitive on Cost


Offshore Outsourcing is all about quality and cost effectiveness. Know-how is what makes the big difference in a world where in-house IT development costs are high and difficult to sustain. We recognize that our customers are under fierce price competition - all the time. Our team helps our clients reduce the overall IT project costs.


Customer Oriented


Our customers know the market inside out, and we provide exactly what they want. This means you can be sure that RayooTech provides you with IT Services and solutions that reflect what the market wants - now and in the future. As your offshore outsourcing needs change we change with you.


Partnership Approach


Excellence is almost a natural thing at RayooTech. We live by our reputation both for the quality of our work and the quality of the way we work with customers. Our list of customers is not that long - but they are very loyal towards RayooTech.


At the core of any software service company is its technology competence. RayooTech is distinguish-ed for its software development platform with independent intellectual property.


Technology Expertise

RayooTech Global Application Platform (GAP) is a reusable, scalable, secondary development platform for software developers. The platform is not only a quick development tool, but also provides a highly reusable pattern to support large-scale and complex business customization development.