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Organizations are increasingly adopting Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) as an integral part of the business strategy to ensure that internal resources are focused on critical business issues and initiatives. RayooTech offers BPO solutions to global clientsby leveraging process, technology and people management expertise.

We view ourselves as the strategic extension of the client's resources and capacity, so our focus is to build long term and deep relationships with our clients and deliver increased value over the entire course of such relationships.

Our objective is to help clients optimize business processes, improve profitability and productivity, gain or reclaim competitive advantages, and align them with business goals. By driving substantial, long term cost reductions and performance improvements through BPO, we are enabling organizations to do more for their customers and shareholders.

We provide a broad range of BPO services from data entry (Transaction Processing), accounting process (AP/AR), and data analysis processing to specific solutions.

Data Entry

Enter business transaction data like sales orders, purchase orders or others from hardcopy or text format into software program and application. We can handle data in a variety of ways and have extensive experience in operating management applications. During this process, we are extremely sensitive to protecting our customer's data.

Accounting Processing

In accounting processing, we help our customers to handle invoice processing and payment processing, manage AP/AR, and reconcile AP/AR, General Ledger accounting and other accounting processes.

Data Analysis

Our Data Analysis services enable our customers to outsource their analysis requirements. Our growing team comprises professional business analysts and IT experts. The technology employed includes various report tools, BI, Data warehouse and OLAP, etc.