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Rayootech Passes CMMI2.0 Level 5 Reassessment

On May 24, 2021, Rayootech successfully passed the CMMI2.0 Level 5 certification assessment. Rayootech became one of the first companies in the Chinese IT industry to obtain the highest level of qualification for the new CMMI 2.0 system. This signifies that the company continues to maintain an international level of standardization in software development and management capabilities.

From the first certification to each reassessment, Rayootech has been making improvements to the company's standard management system, project quality and organizational capacity enhancement. After nearly two decades of accumulation and precipitation, we have formed a set of effective, enterprise-specific, easy-to-implement standard process management system.

At the same time, during the establishment and maintenance of the system, we are oriented to solving actual problems and business goals, and ensure that our process improvement capability and project management level meet the world's highest standards through a two-way improvement mechanism driven by business and problems. 

This assessment is the fifth time that the company has passed the CMMI Level 5 assessment, which is reviewed by CMMI officials and covers all software business areas of the company. The assessment team conducted a comprehensive review of the company's software development process and application operation capability. After 7 days, 14 interviews, strict audits and evaluations of more than 400 software development process outputs and more than 300 organization-level improvement results, Rayootech was finally assessed as meeting the new CMMI 2.0 Level 5 qualification requirements and reaching high maturity standards.

In the future, the company will take full advantage of this opportunity to promote the development and innovation of organization and management. We will continue to improve the comprehensive competitive strength of software development, serve our customers with global top quality and commit to the success of their IT investment.